Restoring Furniture as easy as Wipe On, Wipe Off!

Crafted in the height of the Mid Century era, Mar-A-Way has been restoring furniture for over 60 years. I’ve been using Mar-A-Way for over 20 years after discovering it a high end reclamation store over 20 years ago. I’ve been a super-fan ever since. It’s been an amazing product which allows me to restore my pieces over the chore of refinishing. Not only save time but also keeps the well-earned patina on my pieces. Having used it for so long, I started working directly with the manufacturer and have now worked with them to offer it to you here.
Mar-A-Way is a classic restorer and works by reliquifying a small bit of the remaining varnish to cover scratches, release water, and restore a lustrous finish. I used to mix up my own before discovering Mar-A-Way and haven’t looked at my recipe book since. It really is an amazing product.
Some of my personal projects are represented in the images. The two chairs were part of a dining set which a friend’s neighbor kept on their back porch, out in the rain. I wept for it every time I saw it. Well, my weeping bore fruit and they gave me the chairs and dining table when they left. And I promised to restore it as best as I could. It was water-stained, dirty, dry – but the finish was amazingly still intact. I have to admit I wasn’t sure Mar-A-Way was going to work. But I always try Mar-A-Way before I resort to refinishing any piece I get, and this set was no exception. The chairs, the table legs (also pictured), and the table top all came out wonderfully. See for yourself in the images.

Which options should you buy? If you haven’t tried Mar-A-Way before I suggest getting the smaller size. It really lasts and will last for a number of pieces. As far as tone, I recommend starting off with the Neutral finish. It’s the one I typically use and have had great success. If you find you need a toned version after applying the neutral, you can re-apply Mar-A-Away without an issue. I recommend getting a tone just lighter than the finish you are restoring.

TLDR; Don’t use if finish is missing or flaking. Clean the piece. Apply Mar-A-Way. Wipe down. Marvel at your refound lustrous finish!

1) THE ASSESSMENT – When to use Mar-A-Way
While Mar-A-Way is a wonder it will not work on lacquered or raw woods. It will also not work on compromised or flaking finishes. I haven’t had any issues using it on most finish types, ask if you have a question though and always test on an inconspicuous spot..
2) THE PREPARATION – Clean it!
Mar-A-Way does remove surface dirt and grime on it’s own so this optional. You’ll have a much better result cleaning the piece before applying Mar-A-Way. It’s easy enough and takes less than 10 minutes. I use an all natural, mild degreaser (contact me for brand) with #0000 steel wool. Then wipe clean with a damp cotton cloth. Then wipe dry.
3) THE APPLICATION – Time to Mar-A-Way!
Shake-Shake-Shake the Mar-A-Way. Flip the open container lid into #0000 Steel Wool to wet it and then rub the wet wool with the grain. It doesn’t take much and goes a long way. Once thoroughly coated, wipe off with a soft cloth. Let sit for 15 minutes and wipe down one more time. And you’re done.

I hope you’ll give this amazing product a try. Please feel free to ask questions. if you’re still on the fence about it I’m offering a 10-minute consultation over zoom to answer your questions about your purchase and how to use.